Percy jackson unlimited blade works fanfiction

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Author's note: First of all, I like to thank you all for your reviews and to tell you that I have been reading a lot of works lately and a lot of them have inspired me in a lot of ways that I could have possibly imagined.

So before we get on with the story, I like to thank the various authors and Writers who have inspired me and helped me get various ideas for this chapter. I'm also going to thank various authors and fellow-would-be writers who work hard for their projects and tell them that I respect their works and have been inspired by their writings and Chapters.

I recommend anyone to go their respective profile-page in the site and read their stories and works. Chiaroscuro by boomvroomshroom. A short summary about the respective story: it is a Naruto Fan fiction which focuses on the life of a certain shadow-wielding genius called Shikamaru Nara, It is both realistic and balanced when it comes to comedy, Action and mystery.

If any of you are fans of Naruto and want to see one of the most ultimate Projects within the site, then go and read the story. I recommend it for anyone. Just read the first chapter and I guarantee that you will add the story to your favorites and followers within Minutes.

A short summary about the respective story: a world full of monsters is a Naruto Fan Fiction which is Au and the main Character is a Hyuuga Male Self-insert OC Who his goal is to ascend into god-hood and take away a certain rabbit goddess's Eyes. If you want a big dosage of Realistic thinking, Best comedy and action story, Then I recommend that you read this story.

A short summary about the respective story: it is a Self-insert story of familiar of zero X-over, the story has inspired a lot of people and I can proudly say that I have learned a lot of things here and there from the respective author and his works.

percy jackson unlimited blade works fanfiction

The theme of the story is Mystery, action and adventure, along with a little bit of a realistic thinking. So I recommend you go and read it people and you'll see what I'm saying. Shirou Emiya might have his reality marble, but he doesn't have the energy to utilize it properly! Ex-ranked Noble Phantasms are impossible to be projected into the world due to the lot of energy that is needed, and their powersand A-ranked Noble phantasms do have a lot of conditions set into them which makes them nearly Impossible to trace Noble phantasms of that caliber.

Not to mention that every noble phantasm within the unlimited blade works, is a copy of the original one which means that it goes one Rank-down then the original ones. So could someone please tell me, how the hell, Shirou Emiya is able Trace Enkidu Gilgamesh's chains project Gae-Bolg lancer's spear and use it with the power of the original one? Oh to hell with it, how is he able to project EA? I don't know what to say anymore, because honestly, I'm out of words about this.

So I'll leave it here at that and let you respective readers to be ones who will think about it. So about my ideas about how to continue my story, let's start with the original plot of the fate stay night. Shirou Emiya is a third-rated teenage magus who ends up into joining the Holy Grail war, due to various circumstances out of his reach. And then you know the rest about what happens to him and his future depending on the Route and the plot.

Well, I'm going to be straight with everyone and say that this is not going to be that kind of story. I don't want a main character that is nothing more than a teenager who dreams about being a hero or his ideals. That is the reason why I put a battle-hardened Demigod in the plot, because this way, I'll have the Room to expand the character and his abilities or Personality.

He's not Shirou Emiya and nor does he wish to become a hero; he's a survivor who has fought his way in a world full of myth and legends. He's a Soldier who has fought and killed, not the Naive Idealist and optimistic hero who is used by everyone around him and then discarded at the end of the life. He's a man who had to survive in an environment full of monsters that constantly hunted him or immortals who sought to use him.

He's doesn't help strangers who he doesn't know nor does he care about the faceless masses or those who don't care about him in return and are not close to him. He's not a Teenager; he's an experienced adult and is Realistic.

I want the Rin Tohsaka who is at her peak of condition, a Magus who has affinity for the main primary elements and the skills and spells that allows her to be a Real -opponent in the Holy Grail war. With her mind and experience as a real-magus, being something which allows her to be able to outmaneuver and out-smart her opponents. This is the Rin Tohsaka who had to face such a world as the only member of the Tohsaka Family, as the only surviving member of the Tohsaka Family.

I want the Sakura Matou who is not the 'poor-used-victim' of fate stay night; I want the Sakura Matou who has the mind and the experience to back-her up.Okay, so before we get started, i just want to thank those who actually opened this up.

I couldn't get this idea out of my head, so here it is. To clear up a few things:. Main Character looks like Mordred with black hair, and tanned skin, like Percy is supposed to have. Sounds like Mordred does in Fate Apocrypha dub. Just less of an arrogant ass hat.

Has Shirou Emiya's powers only a bit stronger. Does have Unlimited Blade Works, if you have a problem with that, i'm sorry. To those who are confused with why the fight scenes are all over the place, let me explain. Demigods are still technically mortal, so Saber will have a massively easier time fighting them. Monsters on the other hand are way stronger than demigods, with Gods being even more powerful, so if you get confused with bits and pieces here and there during the fights, thats why the fights seem to be a little confusing with the power levels.

Yes, characters from the Fate Series will be popping up, either by just being mentioned or actually showing up to either cause trouble or help out, all depends on the characters. If you have problems with the way i write the story, please be polite while you review. And DON'T tell me how to write my story. If you don't like it, don't read it. That being said, i welcome constructive criticism and folks helping me push the story along.

Just give up! I realize that i'm not the best at writing but i'm learning. Don't be rude and don't try and control how my story goes. Also if you're going to review, please sign in first. It's super easy and it lets me actually talk to my readers rather than having to read Guest reviews and not be able to replay in order to swap ideas or correct mistakes. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

The Daughter of Poseidon lost everything. And unlike so many others, she had no one to look after her and help her.

Now, she's stepping into the light, stronger than anyone ever thought possible. She will fight to achieve her dream, damn the Gods and their twisted games. Review please, and have a nice day!The manticore froze. For a moment, no one moved. There was only the swirl of snow and wind and the chopping of the helicopter blades in the distance. Thorn said. His sentence was cut short when something shot past like a streak of moonlight.

A glowing silver arrow sprouted from Dr. Thorn's shoulder.

percy jackson unlimited blade works fanfiction

He staggered backward, wailing in agony. He unleashed his spikes, dozens of them at once, into the woods where the arrow had come from, but just as fast, silvery arrows shot back in reply. It almost looked like the arrows had intercepted the thorns in midair and sliced them in two. No one, not even Apollo's children at camp Half-Blood, could shoot with that much accuracy.

From his vantage point, the hidden observer scowled at the scenario. At this rate, he would have to abandon his hands-off policy if he wanted to salvage the di Angelos.

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The manticore pulled the arrow out of his shoulder with a howl of pain. His breathing was heavy. The male demigod, who had been captured by the manticore, tried to swipe at him with his sword, but Thorn wasn't as injured as he looked. He dodged my attack and slammed his tail into my shield, knocking me aside. Then the archers came from the woods. They were girls, about a dozen of them. The youngest was maybe ten. The oldest, about fourteen, like the demigods. They wore silvery ski parkas and jeans, and they were all armed with bows.

They advanced on the manticore with determined expressions. A sigh of frustration passed from his lips. All the work he had put into remaining under the radar of Olympus would definitely be wasted Just because he wouldn't be able to remain hidden throughout the war didn't mean that he couldn't improvise. One of the older archers stepped forward with her bow drawn. She was tall and graceful with coppery colored skin.

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Unlike the other girls, she had a silver circlet braided into the top of her long dark hair, so she looked like some kind of Persian princess. The observer couldn't tell who she was talking to, because she kept her eyes on the manticore, but he didn't particularly care.

He tensed, shifting from reclining against a branch to crouched and prepared to jump. He felt his power thrum in his coils, the potent chakra already manifesting.The sky seems to be on fire. The sun is rising from the east, lighting the sky ablaze. And yet, there is a moon hanging above. A paradox, hypocrisy some may call it. After all, if this is Atalanta's soul, then how is she both a male and a female? What do they mean? And don't even get started on the gears.

Deities of wisdom can tell that they are standing in a workshop, one for a bladesmith. Deities of war can feel the sheer amount of steelsomething that should only exist in those that symbolizes them. Such purity, only tainted by an innumerable amount of blessings and curses. Blessings and curses that the gods can both recognize yet feel like strangers to. So many gods are frozen solid, staring at the veritable arsenal of seemingly unending blades.

Blades that can purify the soul with a glance sit right next to blades that feel like they can taint even a god with no discomfort at all. No corruption of the ground they're encased in. Blades of their champions are present, stuck in the dirt, as if memorials to the legends that they themselves once witnessed.

The Fey have already collapsed, looking at the grouping of Arthurian swords. Marveling at the weapons that they thought, no believed should have been destroyed all so long ago. They flicker around Excalibur Galatine, something that feels to be a fusion between their beloved Excalibur and Galatine, the sister sword to it. Caliburn is next to Excalibur, both glowing faintly in the presence of each other and the Fey. They look in sorrow at Arondight, one as blighted as the inky blackness of night, while the other still glows with beautiful light.

The swords are circled around each other as if still imitating the Round Table. And in the center, their key, Avalon, lay on the ground. The very thought is preposterous. What is the scabbard, known to be destroyed, doing here? The Norse Pantheon can see weapons lying around, scattered but all standing proudly. Thor himself lifts up Mjolnir, the Divine Construct, and stares in confusion at the enormous weapon, before staring down at his own. He can feel himself in it.

Gram, Dainsleif, Tyrfing, and more are just there. They feel perfectly fine about the presence of such weapons in her soul, despite their initial forebodings of a little girl belonging to the Greek pantheon wielding weapons of such power. For what better use of a weapon is with a true warrior, something that their very soul shows. It doesn't matter if she wants to be a hero, only a warrior can be this unbending….

So uncompromising. The Japanese and Chinese Pantheons don't find much care. After all, there aren't many weapons of divine origin that belongs to them here.

Sure, there are weapons that can end their entire existence, but they're not of their pantheon, so why care? None of their holy artifacts are there, the closest being a severely limited Yata no Kagami that can only boost magical energy. The rest of such oriental weaponry is that of mortal men. And who cares about the machinations of men?

There is almost nothing for the Egyptian Pantheon.Warning this story will contain some spoilers to Titan of the Hunt. I have attempted to censor some of the more serious details but some are required for story progression. Events transpire after Chapter of that story. Sixteen year old Rin Tousaka was not having a good day. It all began after having all the clocks in her house go haywire something the morning hating young teen had discovered only the mistake when she arrived at her school an hour early.

Now in most normal cases a person would have just brushed off the problem and dealt with the inconvenience caused. After all it was better to arrive an hour early than an hour late.

But Rin Tousaka was not any normal person; the girl was the Head of the Tousaka Clan of Mages, the family which for all intents and purposes owned the land on which the surrounding city of Fuyuki lay.

Not that she ever saw much advantage in her position. After all her families natural focus in magic was on the specialised Chrystal magic for which their crest was known.

The problem with said magic was that it destroyed the crystal when used. And because gemstones were the best catalyst and produced the best result Well her outgoings rivalled that of her income on the best of days. So with classes not due to start for another hour and most of the students still being where Rin wanted to be: Back in her bed.

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She had walked aimlessly about the school until she discovered the first sign of human activity. The older girl was wearing the usual long black overalls associated with the sport over her white shirt.

Come to think of it, there had been a pulse of magic when she had finally opened it and revealed its contents. Perhaps that was the cause of the mysterious clock change.

She would have to investigate the phenomenon when she returned, amongst everything else she had to do. Unfortunately all the magical potential in the world did not mean you got an easy pass, if anything it just made it so much harder. Of course in her current attire there was little mistaking what the other girl was doing here so early in the morning.

Hey why don't you come and watch? Unlike a more common perception of a bow to westerners the Japanese version had two limbs of different lengths with the lower being longer and was designed so it could be held on the floor for support if necessary.

However Rin was distracted from where she hit when the sliding dojo door was drawn across and a newcomer entered, Rin turned round to greet the newcomer only for her stomach to drop at the purple haired girl in school uniform who stood there.

She had been young at the time so she did not completely understand and even now that she did As she reached the door Rin finally took a breath and turned and faced the newcomer.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Fuck, Fuck, and Double Fuck. I fuck up my demon pre-algebra teacher but good 3. Honestly, fuck school and bless the fucking Fate Maybe I shouldn't have ditched Grover 5. You know what?

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Mr D can keep his fucking AA chip I realized I sound like a conspiracy theorist to Camp days are, um, interesting days. I fucking despise Capture the Flag Fragile glass and brittle clay. Medusa is NOT like Tumblr reimagined her. Into the Darkness, into the Brightness. The Mississippi is a remarkably good place for Note to self: side-quests and everything about Sweet Dreams See the end of the chapter for notes.

My head was pounding, my throat was dry, and there were spots flying around like flies in my vision. I groaned, but the movement only aggravated my sore muscles, then I wanted to cry. Motherfucker - this is worse than the time I broke my knee then had an allergic reaction to the painkillers the hospital gave me.

I finished it quickly enough. I had practically inhaled it, and my entire body was no longer screaming in pain with every breath I took. I nearly killed you, I think you deserve it. Some things have to happenwhile I try to avoid other things. I rolled my eyes.

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Tell the gods the future and let them smite all three of us? I know what cards are on the table, I can cheat.This story is AU. The Japanese room that I had found myself in was a proof of that. The fact that I could feel the breeze that came from the open window in the room, on my face, was enough to tell me that I was not in the underworld.

Getting up from the Japanese bed, I looked to my 'body'. It was not the of a grownup adult man like I had seen many times when I had looked into the mirror, but rather, the body of a young teenager. And thank goodness, it was of male gender.

percy jackson unlimited blade works fanfiction

Looking for something around the Japanese room which could give me a clue about where I was, I saw a small reflective clock. Picking it up, I instantly froze as I looked to the face in front of me.

It was the face of a boy who looked to be not older then a teenager, with fair skin and golden-brown eyes along with short auburn hair. I knew that face; it was the face that I had seen many times when I was watching a Japanese Anime show.

Percy Jackson Memes (Part 7)

With a Thump, the clock in my hands falls on the ground while I feel my 'Legs' start to shake like a jelly. Shakily, I sat on the ground. A Thousand of questions were running around in my head and I did not even have a single answer for anyone of them. How did my soul get into the body of Emiya Shirou?

Why was I here, when I should be in the Gates of the underworld, In front of the three judges? And that is before the cluster-fuck that is the Holy Grail war. When you sit behind the TV and watch a few Powerful characters with superpowers, fighting each other, you can say 'oh' and 'ahs' in awe and at the end just watch the show and stick to the story. But the thing was that was it, it was a 'Story'.

But now I'm in a world where there are Ruthless Magi who experiment on Childrenand are Powerful enough to Raze cities to the ground, In order to keep their existence Secret. Throw away the good-endings, the philosophy messages, along with other things and what do you have?

A World that has a hidden dark world within itself. Magi are Ruthless and cold individuals who would do anything to continue their Research and reach their own goals.

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